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At Dark, we passionately believe that space represents not only a cornerstone of the modern world but also a catalyst for shaping our future. Our mission is clear: to safeguard this invaluable realm by pioneering spacecraft and mission designs for the protection of vital orbits and assets.

That is why we are gathering a team of bright minds to tackle crucial challenges through advanced engineering. Our focus? Velocity. We are kicking in technologies that will enable faster than ever before orbital missions, ushering in a new era defined by unprecedented agility and boundless opportunity.

Design Engineering

Propulsion Engineer - Tech lead

Joining the propulsion team, your mission will be to ensure the coherence of Dark’s analyses and developments in the fields of combustion, fluidics, and chemical engine design. Interested?

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Structural Analysis Engineer - Confirmed level

Within the mechanical engineering team, you will work as a structural analyst on the development of a cutting-edge orbital demonstrator. Interested?

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Spontaneous application - Propulsion 

Our propulsion department designs and tests all the propulsive elements of our spacecrafts. The covered domains include fluidics, combustion, and orbital engine design. Interested?

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System Engineering

GNC Modelling Engineer - Confirmed level

Joining the GNC department, you will take responsibility for Dark’s flight model, overseeing the modelling activities and ensuring the consistency with the GNC and system needs. Interested?

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Spacecraft Electronics - Tech lead

Joining the system team, your mission would be to define the strategy for electronic activities, leading and managing Dark’s electronic workforce through the development of a cutting-edge orbital system. Interested?

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Software Engineer - Tech lead

Joining our software department, you will consolidate Dark’s software technical roadmap, leading and managing the embedded and applicative teams across all development phases. Interested?

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Spontaneous application - Electronics

Our electronics department handles the design and validation of our avionics components and on-board computers. Notable tasks include simulation of analog & digital circuits, PCB design, and radiation qualification. Interested?

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Spontaneous application - Software (C/C++)

Our software department covers the embedded and applicative layers of our spacecrafts systems. Relying on a distributed approach, we design, implement, and validate modular and scalable functions that are replicated on the different on-board computers. Interested?

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