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Protect the modern world

Decades of space exploration have presented us the challenge of the century.

The next frontier: Space security

The space debris population consists of more than 100,000,000 pieces of debris, including more than 30,000 objects larger than 10 cm and over 5,000 abandoned rocket bodies or dead satellites.

All of these objects are returning to Earth.

On their way, they either provoke collisions that increase the amount of debris in orbit, or they end up in a dangerous uncontrolled re-entry to Earth. Reports from space agencies indicate that we have already passed a point of no return in terms of debris proliferation, and that we urgently need to remove debris from space.

Dark's priority is to remove the large objects that are responsible for the most dangerous re-entries and debris proliferation.

We're building Interceptor

The first responsive platform capable of performing unplanned space security missions such as emergency debris removal or space dissuasion.

Representation of interceptor separation

Unleashing Space Security

The current focus in the space industry revolves around launchers and the satellites they propel into space. While the emphasis has been on increasing volumes, the entire system is still constrained by the mission planning process, which is influenced by various factors related to ground launchers.


In contrast to well-known planned missions, space security necessitates a paradigm shift. The unpredictability of when and where services will be required, such as debris removal, in-orbit inspection, or securing a constellation, adds complexity to the equation.


Space security, as a new business category, requires a strategic approach to capture its potential. Two key elements stand out: Responsiveness and low costs. By building an offer that prioritizes quick response times and affordability, we can position ourselves effectively in the emerging space security market.

Representation of interceptor and its EDR mission
The factory of the future from DARK, the space protection and security company
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