Building a space company without legacy.

Accessing space is mainly a question of physics. Still, incumbents have the infrastructure and knowledge to do it consistently and well. That’s forced new space projects into a difficult competition to cut costs and increase availability. In the end, this focus has created solutions that are neither better or worse, but equivalent. True leaps forward often come from features such as availability or proximity that can’t be easily compared to technical performance.

This “Zero-G” Industry is only a century old and will be part of our future for the sake of humanity, both on and off the Earth. For this future to thrive through further discovery and technology, it’s important to anticipate the industry and not react to it. 

As we are improving our reach and capability our responsibility in space means we can’t ignore the economic, industrial or international stakes. So from day one, we’re developing two kinds of launchers with generic equipment, development, infrastructures and qualification processes.

Launcher #1 is our first step on this journey. An air-launch rocket designed for regulation that will enable us to take off from any airport, merge air and space traffic, create a commodity that will simplify the satellite supply chain, open off-ground infrastructures for any country, keep space clean and finally, as a consequence of frequency: reduce costs.

Let’s run the extra mile.

Clyde & Guillaume

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We’re designing a flexible path for commercial satellite launches, a unique platform for high altitude tests, and a new asset for deploying space capability.

New Bio-fuel technology, engine architecture, kernels, GNC systems and C&C flight software.

Our model understands and takes into account the way of doing things, without letting it serve as our foundation.

We’re pushing development and technical choices to their limits, finding new ways of satisfying safety specifications. Our architecture for generic parts is anticipating future needs and it will be reflected in our manufacturing plant.



Passionate about aerospace, we've end up as engineers in one of the world's leading missile companies. After several years there some divisive principles grew inside us and gave us the optimism to set apart from our careers and create Dark.

We are building the core team. Looking for competent and intense people that will share the ride with us and set the high level fundaments of the firm. We initiated our design with the help of technical advisors in the industry and the CNES. Communication channels are open with the equipment suppliers. 

We offer highly competitive salary packages, welcome bonus, equity, and other advantages. Equity and salary compensation are divided proportionately. You get to choose ;)

You are the missing element, Dark will take care of you.


CDI - Paris


CDI - Paris


« Make ten men feel like a hundred. »

Cassian Andor ;)



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For all media inquiries please provide us a minimum of details about your demand. Requests are processed every Friday.


We missed you during our survey for our payload capabilities? You want  to know more about our future pricing? Let's find you an answer.


We believe in the performance of an excellent industrial consortium: quality, leadtime, costs. We are looking for the best indutrials.


Our pre-seed round is already closed. We are focus on building the team and the industrial consortium. We might come back soon in fundraising mode.

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