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Dark will connect Bordeaux-Mérignac airport directly with space


Download it  : english version - french version


Engines tests

Technological validation tests (systems, computers, propulsion, etc.)


Dark wants to connect Bordeaux-Mérignac airport directly with space


Download it  : english version - french version

Mechanical Architect - Team Lead

On-site - Paris, France - Full time


At Dark, we passionately believe that space represents not only a cornerstone of the modern world but also a catalyst for shaping our future. Our mission is clear: to safeguard this invaluable realm by pioneering spacecraft and mission designs for the protection of vital orbits and assets.

That is why we are gathering a team of bright minds to tackle crucial challenges through advanced engineering. Our focus? Velocity. We are kicking in technologies that will enable faster than ever before orbital missions, ushering in a new era defined by unprecedented agility and boundless opportunity.


Joining the design department, your mission will be to define the strategy for mechanical activities, leading and managing Dark’s mechanical and structural workforce through the development of a cutting-edge orbital system. You will directly collaborate with the design lead, organizing the milestones and priorities to fit the program objectives.

First Missions

  • Getting up to speed with the current spacecraft architecture and the past mechanical activities

  • Taking ownership of the mechanical team

  • Guide the team through the first design iteration of the structure and components of our orbital demonstrator, all the way to manufacturing and testing


  • Specifying the mechanical architecture according to mission and system requirements

  • Planning the development cycles of the mechanical subsystems

  • Organizing and supervising the mechanical team's activities

  • Guarantying the performance and the reliability of the system being developed

  • Interfacing with and supporting other teams (propulsion, GNC, testing, etc.)

  • Exchanging with subcontractors and building partnerships

  • Driving design studies, validations, and tests from blank slate to hardware

  • Conducting design reviews and writing technical documentation

  • Overseeing manufacturing and procurement activities

  • Contributing to the definition of internal mechanical engineering standards, processes, and tools

  • Mentoring and training other team members


  • 6+ years of experience in an industrial multi-disciplinary project, covering all phases of the product life cycle

  • Expertise in mechanical engineering and/or structural analysis

  • Proficient user of PLM software, CAD, and/or FEA packages

  • High-level knowledge of aerospace design and test specifications (ECSS, NASA-STD, MIL-STD, etc.)

  • Being able to work in a highly iterative environment during early design phases

  • Hands-on experience with highly technical systems (launchers, spacecrafts, aircrafts, cars, military equipment, etc.) is a plus

  • As we have an international team, knowledge of technical English is required. Fluency in French is a plus


We recognize that extraordinary work ethics turn mere achievements into triumphs. Hence, we hold each team member accountable for enhancing collaborative performance within Dark by embodying the following skillset:

  • Methodology – Your ability to clearly define and articulate the steps required to achieve a desired outcome

  • Relevancy – Your capacity to discern and select the most appropriate course of action based on the prevailing context and circumstances

  • Results – Consistently obtaining and updating the necessary resources and information to drive towards the intended outcome effectively

Furthermore, your leadership capabilities will be assessed against the following criteria, mirroring the expectations of your peers:

  • Timing – Your adeptness in structuring workflows to meet deadlines

  • Judgement – Your capacity to make sound decisions, especially in ambiguous or uncertain situations, showcasing strategic thinking and discernment

  • Decisions – Utilizing the aforementioned criteria to manage the workload effectively


  • Join - our core team, poised to expand into a company with hundreds.

  • Engage -  in a deeply technical project with high level systems trade-off and long term industrial vision.

  • Learn - every day in an environment driven by continuous improvement.

  • Enjoy - a team rewarding autonomy and uphold high standard at work.

  • Receive - a high competitive salary and bonuses.

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